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Home of the East’s diverse culture and life, Asia is a continent of unique people, specifically in South East Asia, where people are warm and fascinating. Other than their interesting characteristics, the people of Indonesia are hospitable, probably the most hospitable people in the world.

Apart from their hospitability, the language they speak what makes the people of Indonesia more fascinating, because Indonesian language are like songs to everybody’s ears. It even sounds romantic to some people.

Not only that, the Bahasa Indonesia language is one of the oldest languages in the world. It was created decades ago by their ancestors but it still is used in Indonesia today.

Furthermore, what makes the Bahasa Indonesia more romantic is the diction and the pronunciation. Plus, learning Indonesian language is easy as learning the alphabet. It has no complex calligraphy compared to other languages. Also, it utilizes more Western Alphabet than using their old calligraphy. This is what makes Indonesian language very easy to learn for foreigners coming to the country for a visit, or wants to stay in the country a bit longer.

Learn the language to be able to enjoy Indonesia more than the brochure. Get to the hottest tourist spots easily and without complications. Get the best bargain that you can find in Indonesia!

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