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Technology has always been a part of human activities. Whatever we do everyday, technology always set in. In our homes, schools, offices, city streets, or just anywhere we go indoor and outdoor, we cannot go on our everyday activities without technology. In other words, we are all reliant on technology. Especially nowadays when we are dependent on devices like computers, smartphones, and among other gadgets; all of these are, of course, Internet connected.

Because of technology we are able to get the information we want in just a few clicks of a mouse. With technology, we are able to finish our task quickly and learn new things within seconds.

Not so long ago, learning a new language was a task. It required participation in a language class in a school; but thanks to today’s technological advances, one can learn a new language like Bahasa Indonesia, even more through the use of the World Wide Web.

Learning a new language today is not anymore hard and won’t take you long time. According to language experts, with today’s modern world, learning a new language is as fast as how technology develops.

So how do we exactly learn a new language with the use of the Internet? Here are tips that are being harnessed by users who are able to speak foreign languages like the Bahasa Indonesia:

  • Search for websites or blogs

Search the Internet for posts about Bahasa Indonesia. Blogs about these are sometimes personal testimonials of those who have experiences with foreign languages. Bloggers would sometimes post about how foreign words are spoken or how the words sound like.

  • Video Tutorials and Audio Tutorials

Look for video tutorials from websites such as YouTube and Vimeo. Some ‘netizens’ (as in “citizens of the Internet”), would post their video tutorials about speaking and learning Indonesian language. This is a very helpful material because they will show you how to properly speak and read foreign languages. Sometimes they’ll teach you how to speak by sentences, by words or phrases first. But not matter which comes first, they’ll teach you to learn Bahasa Indonesia.

  • Converse With an Indonesian

Conversing with someone who speaks Bahasa Indonesia also helps a lot. Being able to practice and hone your new skills with someone who speaks the language helps you to practice to speak the language fluently. Then, it will just be a matter of time before you will be able to learn to speak foreign language.

With these quick and easy steps, you will be able to speak like an Indonesian in no time.

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